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Updated: May 6, 2021

Welcome to She Walks & Talks! We are excited to have you join us on our journey. Full disclosure, we are three regular women who discovered the power of moving our bodies during the infamous 2020 lockdown. We've never considered ourselves athletic, outdoorsy or frankly, anything that has to do with health and wellness. We were, however, self-proclaimed foodies, winos and bad asses. That part hasn't changed but it has definitely morphed over the past year.

Let me introduce the ladies behind the screen before diving in to what She Walks & Talks is all about.

Now that you have proof we aren't elite athletes, we can move into the fun stuff.

What is She Walks?

Well, we will figure out the answer to that question together. We initially challenged ourselves to a 100-mile May during COVID shutdown. This was supposed to just be a friendly competition that nudged us to get outside and walk after spending a couple of months afraid to do anything except sit on the couch and binge on wine and tv. Donna was the only one that finished. Shortly after, the idea to walk across Massachusetts was thrown around and we laughed and joked about how crazy that would be. Two of us couldn't get motivated enough to do 100 miles in a month, how could we possibly do 300?

The laughing and joking about this hasn't stopped but we somehow developed a plan. We are set to start the journey June 7th, 2021 at the MA/NY border in Hancock, MA, make our way through Boston and then eventually finish in Provincetown on July 4th... 28 days later.

We've been asked lots of questions by friends and family when we tell them what we are doing but the one we hear most often is "WHY?". Valid question. If we're feeling sassy we sometimes say, "Why not?" or "because we can". If we are being more honest we would still say those same things but follow up with how the excitement of crossing the finish line in Ptown motivates us, imagining what that will feel like after 28 days of hell and how we are picturing the bikinis we will be rocking this summer after this is all over.

Another major motivator is the potential to do some good in the world. We set out to not only walk across the state of Massachusetts, but we also wanted to make an actual impact on the communities we live in, work in and will walk through. We were looking to find a charity partner who could bring our vision of 'helping our neighbors' to life. We chose The Greg Hill Foundation as that partner because their mission of assisting local families touched by tragedy aligns with the vision and values of She Walks. They are able to respond to requests immediately often issuing checks to local families in need within 24 hours and zero red tape.

Not many people can argue with us after hearing all of our why's. So the next obvious questions is "HOW?" We'll be honest, we are still figuring this out. We are spending countless hours online researching everything from trekking poles and socks to finding the best method to pee outside and how to prevent chaffing in every imaginable spot. There has been a lot of trial and error with a few wins sprinkled in the mix. Those wins are what we want to share. We want to show you how three regular suburban women can take on 300 miles of open road with backpacks, a couple good pairs of walking shoes and hopefully three big smiles at the end.

Stay tuned for training and gear updates as we prepare for our journey!

With love and miles,

Ashley, Jen & Donna

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